Prof. EyoPublic Health Consultant, United States Of America Peace Corps for Cameroon, Central Africa.

Prof. Eyo has worked in different Countries including Dominica Republic( represented International Center for Public Health Research McClellanville, South Carolina): Conducted Research for the U.S Army( where he researched the effects of lone Star Tick (Amblyoma Americanum) on U.S Soldiers while training in the jungles. (Center for International Public Health Research, McClellanville, South Carolina).

Prof. Eyo worked as a community Public Health Specialist in Cameroon, Central Africa for the United States of America Peace Corps. He was in charge of “Centre De Sainte” in Mellen, Zaman, Djoum province. He collaborated with ECOFAX ( Reserve De Faune De DBA du Cameroon) on onchocerciasis ( River blindness) MECTIZAN distribution to the PYGMIES; And the Chairman of EBOLA VIRUS Control Program Sangmelima.

The first Black Director of WIC(Women, Infant, Children program) for the department of Health and Environmental Control( DHEC), South Carolina, USA. Lecturer, Undergraduate, 1890 Research Sciences Program, South Carolina State University, Clemson University And University of South Carolina. Public Health Lecturer, School of Health Technology, Etinan Akwa Ibom State(NYSC).

Prof. Eyo has worked in different public Health Agencies, Hospital and Health Institutions in Higher Learning(Including the Department of Health and Environmental Control, Universities, The U.S. Army/Public Health Medical Service Training), U.S Peace Corps etc