Digest of Patents in the University

Patents in the University

# Author Patent Patent No Remarks
1 Prof Aniedi O. Ette Separation and Recovery of Metal Alloys From Super Alloy Scrap. US 4.442,073 Dated: April 10, 1984
2 Dr Udofia Aniekan Edet Immersion Heater with Water Activated Heating Element. NG/C/2009/630 Dated: 12/12/2009
3 Mr Atainyene Eniang Face Cap with Regulated Reading LED P/2001169 Dated: 03/08/2011
4 Prof Memfin D Ekpo Herbal Drug Formulation for Treatment of Wounds. NG1P12013/208 Certificate No. 001001,Dated: 6th June, 2013
5 Prof Umana Itaketo An Automated Electro-Digit Technology Speed Device for Vehicles RP: NG/P/2014/211 Certificate No 000677,Dated: October 13, 2013
6 Prof Aniedi O.Ette (With:Prof Linus O. Asuquo,Engr Ime Akpan Ebong, Dr Benjamin R Etuk, Prof Francis Okokon, Prof Comfort M Ekpo) Tuber Peeling Machine and Processor Certificate No 000531,Dated 28/03/2014
7 Emmanuel O. Olorunsola Ph.D (Department of Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology) Prosochit; A Group of Multi-functional Pharma Excipients RP: NG/P/2016/355 Certificate No 004144,Dated 07/10/2016
8 Prof. Umana Itaketo, Prof. Aniedi O. Ette, and Dr. Daniel C. Udoha The Design of System and Method of online Steam Cleaning of Gas Turbine RP: NG/P/2019/126 Certificate Nbr: 010285, signed on 13 June 2019 and sealed on 27 June 2019.