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The Department of Early Childhood and Special Education is one of the Departments in the Faculty of Education, University of Uyo. Until 1998, it was called Department of Pre-Primary and Primary Education. The Department of Pre-Primary Education as it was then called was established in 1984 in the University of Cross River State, Uyo.

It offered a Bachelor Degree Programme leading to the award of B. Ed Pre-Primary and Primary Education. With the introduction of Special Education, it became necessary for programmes to be streamlined in the faculty of Education whereby Special Education programme was added to the existing Pre-Primary and Primary Education and the name of the Department became Department of Early Childhood and Special Education.

The department has since functioned under the new name and therefore runs two separate programmes namely: 1. B. Ed Pre-Primary and Primary Education
2. B. Ed Special Education
The philosophy of the department is derived from the national philosophy of education which believes that every Nigerian child shall have a right to equal educational opportunities irrespective of any real or imaginative disabilities each according to his or her ability and the fact that the Primary level is the key to the success or failure of the whole educational system.
The objectives of the department are therefore geared at:
1. Training qualified and competent teachers who would be able to develop and implement basic Education Curriculum in line with the National Policy on Education for the Nigerian Child
. 2. Training teachers who would be capable of providing supplementary educational experiences to children from differing socio-economic and environmental background.
3. Provide training for teachers who would be able to cater for the interest of children of all categories from multi-cultural environment with particular respect for their needs and aspirations.
Admission into the Bachelor’s degree programmes of the Department is done through the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB).
In addition, candidates have to satisfy the University Post-UME Aptitude test.

Candidates are expected to possess the following qualifications for the respective programmes.
UME: Five “O” level credits including English Language and at least a pass in Mathematics. DIRECT ENTRY (D/E): NCE with minimum of Merit level passes in relevant fields plus UME requirements.
UME: Five “O” level credits including English Language and at least a pass in Mathematics. DIRECT ENTRY: NCE with minimum of merit level passes in relevant subjects. (Two “A” level passes in Arts or Social Sciences subjects).
1. All new students are required to undergo preliminary screening exercise before registration.
2. They are expected to show evidence of payment of acceptance fee to the screening officer at the Faculty.
3. They are issued with Preliminary Screening Form and a General Information Brochure for students.
4. They are required to present the original copies of their certificates to their eligibility in meeting University and Departmental Admission requirements.
5. The students if successful at the screening would be issued with the authority to pay fees.
6. On payment of approved fees the student are issued relevant receipts for registration and class admit cards.
All students entering the university for the first time are required to participate in the matriculation ceremony. They are required to sign the matriculation register take the matriculation pledge to become a bona fide student of the university.
. Returning students are required to show evidence of previous session’s registration and payment of the approved fees for the current session to the Faculty officer.
. They would obtain course registration forms
. They would be issued with class admit card.
Teaching is done through lectures, seminars, tutorials, fieldwork, practical. Assessment of students’ performance is through tests, assignments, term papers. Examination is conducted at the end of the semester. Students’ performances are also assessed throughout the course. The course work assessment carries 30% while the end of semester examination carries 70%, making a total of 100 percent.
Class Attendance: This is very important. Students are required to make 70% attendance in order to qualify to take examinations in a course. A student stands disqualified if he/she fails to records up to 70% attendance.
1. Course Examination:
The department in line with the University of Uyo runs a course credit system and each course has an examination at the end of a semester. In addition to the end of semester examination, a student’s academic performance is continuously assessed through out the semester by means of tests, assignments and term papers
among others. Course examination carries 70% while continuous assessment is 30%. Senate approves three tests or assignments or both to constitute continuous assessment
. 2. Eligibility for Examination
In order to be eligible for semester examination leading to a degree of the Faculty of Education, a student must: i. Follow an approved course of study for a prescribed period.
ii. Pay all fees prescribed as when required.
iii. Register for the course at the beginning of semester.
iv. Make a minimum of 70% class attendance in each course in which he/she intend to take examination. A student who fails to meet this condition shall be disqualified from taking the examination relevant to that course.
v. Complete an examination form giving details of the paper(s) to be taken.
vi. Comply with such regulations and requirements as may be prescribed from time to time. 3. Absence from Examination
i. No student may absent himself/herself from examination except with the special permission of the senate on recommendation of the faculty.
ii. Students who registered for course attended classes regularly, did all practical and tests but failed to take the required semester examinations shall be given continuous assessment grade in each of the affected courses and a grade of “F” in the examination which they did not take.
iii. When a student fails ill before an examination he/she shall be required to submit a medical report duly signed by the Director of Health Services, University of Uyo within one week of such illness.
iv. Any student who has cogent reason(s) for not taking any regular examination/test shall be allowed to take a supplementary examination in the course at the next available opportunity. Request for supplementary examination, which shall be in writing shall be approved by the Dean of Faculty of Education and presented to the Senate for necessary action.

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Vision Statement

To be a centre of academic excellence by utilizing the available human and technological resources for teaching, research, community service and sustainable development.

Mission Statement

To diligently pursue scholarship and deploy its output for human capacity development and economic growth in the society, with active participation in ICT.