JED-August 2021

August 2021 | Volume 16. No 2 | ISSN: 1595-9229-15

Journal of Environmental Design (JED) | Download – JED August Edition

Welcome to yet another volume of the Journal of Environmental Design. Volume 16 of the JED contains several thought-provoking well researched papers on the various dimensions of the built environment.
It must be stated that environmental problems in general have become intricate phenomena requiring a wide range of interests and experts in their planning, management and design.
The JED continues in its 16th volume to highlight the works of these experts and presents their informed views and cutting age research findings for the benefits of policy makers and students of environmental studies. The papers have been peer-reviewed and carefully selected to ensure intellectual balance and intelligent discourse.
The views expressed in the articles published in the Journal of Environmental Design (JED) are those of the authors and the Journal of Environmental Design does not hold itself accountable for such.
Professor Best Ochigbo