The Centre

What the Centre is.

The centre was created in 2011 and became fully operational in 2015. The core mandate of the centre is to coordinate all research and development activities in UNIUYO and provide strategic leadership for UNIUYO to attain all round research excellence. By so doing, the centre will position UNIUYO in a vantage position to capture the benefits of its investment in research and enjoy the national and international recognitions that may accrue therefrom.

To achieve this mandate the centre has two units:
Research Planning and Administration Unit
Innovation and University-Industry Linkage Unit

Our office is the hub of the Universities major point of investment in research matters, with the ability to increase the effectiveness of research development through finding diversified sources such as from the TETFUND, European Union, Non-Governmental Organizations, Charities and Internally generated funds.

The Centre for Research and Development (CERAD) team provides funding guidance, mentoring and support for the development, delivery and dissemination of research projects.

Our Mandate

What we do.

  1. Assist the University of Uyo in its programmes of development and growth by providing needed data base for policy formulation and implementation of strategic plans.
  2. Provide the University personnel with funding opportunities to carry out projects, Thesis and dissertations that are relevant to the needs and aspirations of the University of Uyo.
  3. Establish linkages through researches with other Institutions and corporate bodies, where and whenever possible on collective interest areas.
  4. Coordinate and Monitor research teams from departments/faculties as contained in the University's research policy document.
  5. Set research targets for the University of Uyo and pursue its actualization.
  6. Protect Departments/Faculties/Individuals intellectual property by ensuring proper recognition of such property by appropriate agencies.
  7. Production of UNIUYO'S research policy document, as the only Bible of the University.
  8. Entrench proper research ethics and responsible conduct of researchers at all time by the departments/faculties/personnel.
  9. Organizing periodic programmes, workshops, public lectures and symposium for the University personnel on new trend in research.

Research Committee

The University of Uyo Research Committee.

The People of the Centre

Those whose job it is to run the Centre.